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Neti is a Thai filmmaker and political satirist from Bangkok, Thailand. He fled the country in 2010 because he was charged with the Lèse-majesté law in Thailand. That's the consequence of his satirical criticism of the Monarchy and the Military. After living in exile in neighbouring countries for seven years, he had to escape abducting and killing there. Then he travelled to London, the UK, in 2018 to seek asylum. Now he is residing in London.


When he lived in Bangkok, Thailand, since 1992, he directed many music videos for leading celebrities in Thailand and advertising films for many local and global brands.


He also loves making short and documentary films to fulfil his passion as a political satirist. After fleeing the country, he had more freedom. So, he produced, wrote, directed, filmed and edited the well-known Thai political documentary "Democracy After Death". It's the new way of making a documentary by mixing found footage, animation, graphics and a sense of levity into the documentary to sarcastic Thai culture and society, making it the most wanted-to-see underground documentary because it is banned in public by the Thai government. Eager to watch it; ask him privately for the link!


Apart from telling stories with moving images, he is also fascinated by still photography. Mainly black & white. Some of his significant photographs are made and sold in limited editions. See his photograph collections at


Interested in his works, contact him here.

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